Personal sales and marketing business plans include:

• Resort Positioning & Strategic Direction

• Mission Statement

• Key Objectives & Strategies

• Marketing Plan

• Competitor Analysis

• SWOT Analysis

• Budgeting

• Sales Plan



Sales and Marketing Assistance

• Understanding current Sales and Marketing structure, normal practice, challenges and internal opportunity

. • Reviewing current Sales and Marketing Activity and if there is none in place, we will assist the resort to create one.

• Reviewing rate and pricing structure and if there is no Pricing Guidelines, we will assist the resort to create one.

• Preparing Sales and Marketing calendar.

• Preparing and sending annual contract rates for B2B and B2C travel partners and corporate partners.

• Implementing e-commerce strategy. • Reviewing 3 months business on the book by daily basis.

• Assisting forecasting.

• Reviewing competitor performance and create our resort strategy.

• Monthly tactical campaign and promotion for the next 3-6 months.