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Why us?

Since early 2020, the pandemic situation has impacted the tourism and hospitality industry in a way that has never been seen before, resulting in the closure of many businesses. Despite subsequent predictions with respect to the re-opening of Bali and the resurgence tourism, many questions remain unanswered and hundreds of people remain either unemployed or partially employed. After two years of facing this reality, good news is slowly trickling in. However many hotels and resorts continue to struggle with day to day financial operations, and secure an effective sales and marketing team. So the question begs to be asked, do you have the creativity needed to stay afloat? With over 9 years of experience in Sales and Marketing, with a focus on various facets of the tourism industry, we can offer our proven solutions to consistently penetrate new markets, sustain and grow revenues, and maintain relationships between Travel Partners, Medias, Wedding Planners, and Vendors. For Your Joy Hotel Sales and Marketing Solutions is offering services which will not only prepare your business for its re-opening, but also provide market research analysis as well as financial planning & analyzing to maximize initial profit margins. We also note that as a condition of employment, if our team is unable to deliver on our promise, no payment is expected.

Our Vision

To re-awaken Bali’s tourism and hospitality industry from the longest global crisis in history.

Our Mission

To offer sales and marketing solutions for hotel owners, and ensure that they are fully prepared to re-open.

Our Services

Personal sales and marketing business plans include: • Resort Positioning & Strategic Direction • Mission Statement • Key Objectives & Strategies • Marketing Plan • Competitor Analysis • SWOT Analysis • Budgeting • Sales Plan

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